Panchang 27 September 2018

Vikram Era: 2075, Saka Era: 1940, Month: Ashwin, Paksha: Krishna, Tithi: Dwitiya till 09.03am, Day: Thursday, Nakshatra: Ashwin till 02.53pm, Yoga: Vyatipata till 01.24pm, Karana: Gar, Sun Sign: Virgo, Moon Sign: Aries, Rahu Kaal: 01.30pm to 03.00pm, Sun Rise: 06.15 am, Sun Set: 06.08 pm.

Note – Today is Tritiya shraddha.

Special – Do not travel South direction today. If the journey is essential, on Thursday, eat curd as whole, apply yellow sandal with saffron on the forehead, and donate these things to an eligible Braham.