Bhajan's And Pravachan's

Om Bhagwan Shri Parshuramay Namah

 For the upliftment of Brahamans eminent respectable and distinguished Brahamans formed  “THE ALL INDIA BRAHAMAN MAHASABHA”  in the year 1940, which was got registered on 4th of December, 1941, with the objects: To promote unity amongst  the Dash Vidh Brahamans (Panch Gaurs and Panch Dravids) by propagating inter sub caste marriages and to work for their spiritual, physical, mental, social and economic upliftment; to encourage Brahmans to perform their daily religious duties such as the Karamkands, Sanskars, and Yagyas; to encourage the study of the divine language (Sanskrit) and the national language (Hindi); to help destitute Brahman-boys in their education; to encourage studies in Commerce, Industry, Agriculture, Astrology, Astronomy for the economic uplift of Brahmans; To preserve the ancient Dharma, Art, Literature, Culture and Philosophy inherited from the Rishis and to print the unpublished works thereof as far as possible; to adopt all necessary measures for the protection of destitute widows and orphans of the Brahaman Community; to effect reforms in bad customs that have crept into the Brahman community and to devise and adopt ways and means thereof from time to time for welfare of the Brahmans.   

Since the day of it’s formation; “The All India Brahman Mahasbha” has always been continuously striving hard to fulfill it’s aims and objects.

The names of the first Governing Body of “The All India Brahman Mahasbha” are as under:

1.President :-  Pt. Thakur Datt Sharma,  Mujid-Amritdhara, Lahore.           

2. Vice-Presidents

            (i)        Pt. Ram Chand Sharma, Sub Divisional Officer, CPWD, New Delhi.

            (ii)       R.B.Pt. Narayan Dass Ji, Executive Officer, CPWD, New Delhi.

            (iii)      Pt. Manohar Lal Sharma, Vaid, Delhi.

            (iv)      Pt. Chunni Lal Ji Shastri, Ramjas College Delhi.

            (v)       Pt. Bhagat Ram Shukla, B.A., Ambala.

 General Secretary:-   Pt. Raja Ram Sharma, CPWD, New Delhi.


  • R.Joshi, Prop. Ram Tel Pharmacy, Delhi.
  • Ram Dhan Sharma, Shashtri, M.A., M.O.L. Sahityacharya, Professor Commercial College, Delhi.
  • Amichand Sharma, 132, Tagore Road, New Delhi.
  • Ravi Datt Sharma.
  • T.N.S.Sharma, Dharama Rajaya Delhi.

Finance Secretary:-Pt. Joti Prasadji Topiwale, Dariba, Delhi.

“The All India Brahman Mahasabha” has always been overwhelmed with the support, assistance and aid of all the Brahmans who have made this historic Mahsabha, to perform and act for the betterment and upliftment of the Brahmans all through these years.


General Secretary, All India Brahman Mahasabha, Delhi.

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